Fender Repair Services in Pittsburgh, PA

Whether your car has been in an accident, struck by a falling branch or otherwise damaged, dealing with car dents and scratches can be stressful. At Tachoir Auto Body, we understand this and work hard to make getting your vehicle fixed as easy and stress-free as possible. We provide fender repair services and other auto body repairs with friendly service, fast turnaround times and high-quality results.

Before you jump on your phone to search for “fender repair near me,” remember that getting the right results matters. Don’t just choose the closest collision center to you. Instead, select the provider that will ensure your vehicle is returned to its best state. For Allegheny County, PA, that is Tachoir Auto Body.

Our Fender Repair Services

Vehicle fenders are among the most likely areas to be damaged in an accident. Often confused with bumpers, fenders are the body panels that fit around and protect the wheels. They also stop rocks, mud and other spray from hitting the rest of the vehicle when the wheels are spinning. In other words, fenders are designed to take a bit of a beating.

At Tachoir Auto Body, we can handle a wide range of types of fender damage. This includes dents, scratches, scrapes and more. The following are some basic overviews of the type of work you may receive based on the level of damage sustained.

  • Minor Damage: Small dents and paint scratches are common forms of fender damage. These may be caused by opening the car door with too much force, a runaway shopping cart, rocks from the road or similar types of minor hazards.
  • Moderate Damage: More moderate damage may include the fender being bent or cracked in addition to scratches and dents. This is common in low-speed collisions with solid objects. For example, if you bumped a utility pole or scraped against a wall.
  • Significant Damage: Major accidents can cause substantial damage. This can include significant deformation of the fender and serious cracks or breaks. We can provide repair services to fix the fender in some cases. However, in most instances, it makes more sense to replace the fender after a severe accident. This is cheaper, faster and safer.

Although fender damage is one of the most common types of collision damage, the damage is often not limited to the fender. For front fenders, it is common for the bumper, door and/or hood to also be damaged. In the rear, the trunk, quarter panel, door or rear bumper may also have scratches and dents. Fortunately, Tachoir Auto Body provides full-service repairs. So, we can fix whatever issues your vehicle may have.

Our Goals for Fender Damage Repair

Collision repair is about more than just making your car or truck look nice again. We have four major goals when we provide fender repairs services and other auto body work:

  1. Appearance: Everyone wants a nice-looking vehicle. We will work to make sure your car or truck looks as good as new.
  2. Performance: Damaged vehicles may not perform optimally. This is especially true for deep damage such as a bent frame. However, it is also true for damaged fenders.
  3. Safety: Your vehicle body is specially designed to keep you and your passengers safe. The wrong repair could make the fender look nice but compromise safety. With Tachoir Auto Body, you don’t have to worry about that. We only perform repairs that will ensure optimal safety for your vehicle.
  4. Customer Experience: We want you to be completely satisfied with your fender repair experience. We provide long-lasting repairs at fair prices and backed by prompt and professional service.

Fender Repair Services and Insurance Claims

If you have auto damage that you need to have fixed, you likely want to get the job done right, quickly and at a fair cost. For many people, insurance seems to get in the way of this. At Tachoir Auto Body, we try to help our customers better understand insurance and claims so that they can make the right decisions for their vehicles.

First, you should know that you likely have more choices about where to bring your vehicle than you realize. Many insurance providers have a list of repair shops that “can” help you. However, this is rarely an exclusive list. If you want to bring your vehicle to a place that you believe can provide superior results, you are allowed to do so while still making a claim.

Second, it can be helpful to understand whether you should make a claim at all. Depending on your deductible and rates, it may make sense to pay out of pocket. While we can’t tell you what to do, our team will help you to understand the costs so that you can make an informed decision.

Finally, we will help you with the insurance claim process. We know that dealing with the financial part of auto body repair is challenging. Let us help make it easier.

Reasons To Choose Tachoir Auto Body

When you are looking for fender repair services, you have a choice of auto body shops to work with. The Tachoir Auto Body team has established our collision repair center as the go-to option in Allegheny County because we provide superior results at fair prices and backed by excellent service.

Our technicians only use the highest-quality methods and materials to repair your fenders and other auto body parts. Your vehicle will be as safe, strong and attractive as it was before your accident.

All our services are available at affordable prices. Plus, we will help you work with your insurance to make submitting a claim easier.

Finally, our team understands that auto body damage can be stressful. So, we work hard to make the experience of working with our team as positive as possible.

Schedule Your Fender Damage Repair Today

Do you have fender damage or any other type of auto body damage? Contact Tachoir Auto Body today to schedule an appointment. No matter whether you scraped the fender or got in a serious accident, we will get your vehicle back to being like new. Make an appointment today.

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