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Let Us Help With Your Geico Insurance Claim

While it’s great to have Geico insurance coverage for your vehicle, it’s better to have an insurance carrier that makes it a breeze for you to file a claim when you have an accident. Tachoir Auto Body specializes in Geico collision repair, and we’d love to help you with the claims process.

Take Control of Your Claim

If you’ve filed an auto insurance claim before, then you know insurance companies like Geico have a list of approved Pennsylvania auto repair shops that agree to your carrier’s current prices. What you may not know is that under state law, even if we aren’t on a list of approved Geico auto body shops, we can still handle your repairs. When you give us the honor of handling your claim and repair, you enjoy several benefits:

  • High-quality repairs
  • Expert assistance handling the claims process from beginning to end
  • Industry certifications

Let us help you understand your rights and restore your car to pristine condition to get you back on the road and your day-to-day life with as little fuss as possible.

Understand Insurance Claims Estimates 

Another area of the insurance claims process you may not understand is estimates. When a claims adjuster inspects your car to make an estimate for repairs, that number may differ from the repair shop’s estimate. While your insurance company may ask you to shop around for additional estimates that closely match theirs, you’re perfectly within your rights to refuse.

The way we work is we adhere to your insurance provider’s estimate, using it as a guide as we complete your repairs. During the repair process, we may uncover damage that your insurance company missed, which may inflate the final cost. If this happens during your claim, we share the news with your insurance provider so they can decide whether to send out another claims adjuster to modify the existing estimate.

Breaking Down the Claims Process

Is this your first time making a car insurance claim? It can prove rather overwhelming for the uninitiated, so we’d like to help you understand how the process works. First, you bring us your car along with all your insurance information. From there, we reach out to Geico to start your claim. Then, we either create a damage report or help the claims adjuster create a report.


Contact Us 

The next time you have to file an auto claim, don’t take your chances with just any Geico collision center. For more information on how we handle insurance claims, car rentals and repairs, reach out to Tachoir Auto Body representative by calling 412-233-3196.