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Insurance Approved Body Shop Near Me in Pittsburgh, PA

Are You Looking for a Manufacturer Certified Bodyshop That Can Help With Your Insurance Claim Near the South Hills of Pittsburgh?

How Do Car Insurance Claims Work?

Insurers often try to dictate the details of where and how to get your vehicle fixed in order to save themselves money. If you haven’t dealt with insurance companies much before, you might not realize state law protects you the consumer so you can make your own choices.  Despite what any insurance company may tell you, you are allowed to get your vehicle repaired at Tachoir’s under state law.  We will work directly with any insurance company to restore your vehicle to pre accident condition with no out of pocket cost except your deductible all backed up by a Lifetime Warranty on Workmanship. 

At Tachoir, our experienced team is happy to handle your claim for you so that you don’t get roped into any insurance company's attempt to confuse you.

First, let’s discuss how insurance companies work. You have paid for coverage for your vehicle and they are required to provide the services outlined in your policy. However, like many businesses, their primary objective is not altruistic. They are in business to maximize profits. While it is not a crime for a company to keep a keen eye on their bottom line, you should keep that in mind when you are working with them throughout the claims process, as it does motivate their recommendations.

Do I Need 3 Auto Body Estimates For My Insurance Company Before Repairs?

Many people don’t realize that you only need to give your insurer one estimate. If they ask for more, it’s not something you have to do. If the estimate we provide to you differs from your insurance company’s estimate, we will honor their estimate and use it as a guideline for the repairs.

If hidden damage is discovered while we are working on your vehicle that requires additional parts and labor, we will notify your insurance company and give them the opportunity to send an adjuster out for a re-inspection. At that point, a supplement is typically created and any additional hidden damages discovered are added in as part of the claim.

Tachoir is A "Direct Repair" or "Preferred" Body Shop For Most Insurance Companies And We Work With All Insurance Companies Regardless:

As a direct repair shop for most insurance companies, we are set up to handle your claim directly with your insurer through a cloud based estimating system.  That means all you have to do is set up an appointment for an estimate and bring your claim number.  We can handle the rest directly with your insurer.  

Additionally, warranty claims on workmanship or parts can be handled more easily since we are able to direct bill insurers.  With these agreements in place and a Lifetime Warranty on Workmanship, you can rest easy that your vehicle will be repaired correctly.

What is the difference between "In Network, Direct Repair, or Preferred" shops and "Out of Network" Shops?

Although there is a lot of confusing terms being tossed around, let’s try to give a very simple explanation. Professionals such as doctors and dentists can decide to contract with insurance companies and their rates.  This is considered “In Network”.  Tachoir Auto Body handles all “Out of Network” customers as if they are “In Network”.  This means, we will talk with your insurer and negotiate on your behalf to repair the car back to factory specifications.  We never charge our customers out of pocket beyond their deductible if they owe one.  Additionally, we still give a Lifetime Warranty on Workmanship for our “Out of Network” customers.

The only difference between “in network” and “out of network” in the auto body collision repair world is that we do not give discounts to or contract with “out of network” providers.  This does not effect the safety of repairs or how easy the process is.  Just give us your claim number and we can take it from there!


"Great group of people work here. They do quality work from a fender bender to a full head on collision. I was in a pinch when my front window regulator broke due to ice in the door. I talked to Eric right before closing time on Monday, and they handled and fixed it for me on Tuesday. The price was very fair, especially for the labor involved, and also because it wasn't anything that required body work. They bailed me out of my dilemma and I can't thank them enough for helping me. If you need some body work, do yourself a favor and check them out."
-Jim Bayto
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"I am very happy with the work Tachior Auto body did on my daughter's 2015 Honda Civic. Eric was very professional and knowledgeable about the vehicles repair and kept me informed. The work was excellent and I was extremely pleased . Thank you Tachior Auto Body for a job well done."
-Thomas Bodner
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"Overwhelmingly satisfied with the superb auto repair and customer service provided here that I have to write a review. I got into a fender bender where my rear bumper had a sizable dent and multiple scratches and its practically like new! I also noticed several other areas where there were scratches I had before but that was taken care of as well. They also had washed my car which was a pleasant surprise and very grateful for it. This is definitely the place to go if you're needing an auto body repair! Thank you, Eric and Tachoir Auto Body team :)"
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