Progressive Auto Body Shop and Collision Repairs

Eric, the Owner at Tachoir Auto Body, is a licensed and certified damage appraiser that can help you with your insurance claim.  Let’s set up a time to talk about your Progressive insurance claim and look at your vehicle. 

Eric Capenos

Are You Looking for a Reputable Bodyshop That Can Help With Progressive Insurance Claims Near the South Hills of Pittsburgh?

Tachoir Auto Body Can Help You With Your Progressive Insurance Claim

Progressive Auto Body Shop and Collision Repairs in Jefferson Hills - Tachoir


Take Control of Your Claim

When you give us the honor of handling your claim and repair, you enjoy several benefits:

  • I-Car Gold Class and ASE Blue Seal Certified Repairs
  • On Site Rental Car Assistance
  • An Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty on the Workmanship of the Repairs
  • Tachoir participates in programs with local dealerships so we receive special rebates and use more OEM parts than other Progressive collision centers with no additional cost to you!

Let us help you understand your rights and restore your car to pristine condition to get you back on the road and your day-to-day life with as little fuss as possible.

How Do Progressive’s Insurance Claims Work At Tachoir Auto Body? 

My car is not drivable.  How do I get it fixed at Tachoir?

Just contact Tachoir Auto Body with your claim number.  We can arrange a tow from where your vehicle is and help you get into a rental car if needed.  Progressive will send a claims adjuster to our shop to appraise the damages after it is towed in.

My car is drivable.  What do I do to get an estimate and schedule my repairs?

Progressive offers an online app where you take photos of your car and damages.  Just download the app, enter the claim number, and take pictures as instructed.  Progressive will reach out with an initial estimate that you need to bring to us to get your vehicle repaired.

What if Progressive’s estimate of the damages differs from Tachoir Auto Body’s estimate?  Will I owe additional money if Tachoir’s Estimate is more?

When a claims adjuster inspects your car to make an estimate for repairs (in person, or via the photo app), their estimated cost for repairs may differ from our estimate.   If this happens, we adhere to your insurance provider’s estimate, using it as a guide as we complete your repairs.

On a related note, uncovering hidden damage during repairs may impact the overall cost. Should we discover such damage, we’ll let Progressive know so they can decide if they want to re-inspect your vehicle.

Either way, the additional work is billed to your claim and you will never owe any money other than your deductible (if you have one).

Give Us a Call

If you have questions about how we handle auto insurance claims in Jefferson Hills, or if you’d like for us to take care of your repair and claim, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Speak with a representative by calling 412-233-3196.