Nationwide Insurance-Approved Body Shop

Eric, the Owner at Tachoir Auto Body, is a licensed and certified damage appraiser that can help you with your insurance claim.  Let’s set up a time to talk about your insurance claim and look at your vehicle. 

Eric Capenos

After an automobile accident, you have a lot of responsibilities to sort out, including finding the best body shop for your vehicle repair. When you choose a shop that has been approved by your Nationwide Insurance carrier, you don’t have to wonder whether repairs will be done well or hope that necessary work will be covered. Instead, you can be confident that you’ll receive professional, quality results that your car insurance covers.

Convenience and Efficiency

At Tachoir Auto Body, we work with a variety of insurance carriers, and we are proud to be a Nationwide Insurance-approved body shop. This means completing paperwork, filing your insurance claim, and getting necessary repairs completed are convenient and efficient:

  • Your insurance provider is invested in making sure your vehicle is safe and reliable.
  • You can expect a thorough description of the damage and a detailed estimate of costs.
  • The insurance provider is more likely to pay for additional repairs upfront and handle any disputes on your behalf.
  • Choosing an approved shop for repairs often means you get your auto back more quickly.
  • Coverage for a rental car are may last longer.
  • The work may be guaranteed through the shop and your insurance company as long as you retain ownership of the vehicle.

You may choose to take your damaged car to another auto repair shop, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll have the same assurances.

Detailed Initial Estimate

When you first bring your car or truck into our shop, we complete an initial estimate and provide the information to you and the insurance adjuster. This estimate includes information about the damage to the car, any parts that need to be replaced, and the number of hours required to complete the repairs. It isn’t uncommon, however, for mechanics to find additional damage once repair work begins.

Approval for Additional Repairs

Because we have already developed a relationship with your car insurance provider, it is easier to get approval to complete repairs that weren’t listed in the initial estimate. We may have more success adding additional costs than a mechanic who isn’t familiar to your insurance provider. This is important because automobiles have complex systems with a lot of potential for hidden problems.

Coverage for a Rental Car

You may drive a rental car while waiting for repairs to be completed; it’s helpful to know that those costs are covered by your insurance plan. If you choose to work with a shop that doesn’t have approval from your insurance provider, you can’t be sure that rental costs are covered beyond the timeline of the initial estimate. The relationship between our shop and your provider gives you the assurance that additional rental days will be approved by your insurance carrier.

Tachoir Auto Body

For the best results, write down any questions you have and take them directly to your insurance provider. Car accidents don’t need to lead to complicated insurance claims; when you choose an approved, in-network repair shop, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary complications. Whether your insurance is with Nationwide or any of the other carriers we work with, get your auto back on the road with the quality work of Tachoir Auto Body mechanics. Contact us to get a free estimate.