Dent Repair

It’s easy to dismiss a dent on your car’s body as simply a cosmetic issue. While it’s true that a dent isn’t likely to have a significant impact on your vehicle’s ability to drive, leaving a ding untouched can lead to rusting and a lower purchase price when you choose to trade-in or sell your car.  

Many people also choose to leave the dent as-is because they view auto repair shops as intimidating. This can be especially true if they’ve never been in an accident before or needed their automobile repaired. To help demystify the process, we’ll walk you through our auto body dent repair service process so you know what to expect and how to prepare. 

Preparing for Repairs 

Even a small repair like a dent is enough to cause added stress to your day. That’s why our trained technicians and customer-focused staff are here for you every step of the way to answer all your questions. 

The most frequent questions we receive about our auto dent removal service regard cost. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to reach out to us directly. This can be helpful for those who are planning to pay for the repairs out-of-pocket, as we can go over any needed details to give a specific estimate. 

Making a Claim 

Another aspect of the repair process that people sometimes feel intimidated by is working with their insurance. Anyone who has ever required insurance to help pay for a service knows the frustration and stress that often comes along with it. At Tachoir Collision Center, we’ll work directly with your car insurance company to uncover the best repair solution for your vehicle at the most reasonable price. 

That is, we don’t just act as a guide for the insurance process, we’ll actively take on the claim and file it for you. We view ourselves as your advocate, taking the burden of the insurance and repair process off your shoulders and placing it squarely on ours. 

Because of our commitment to you, our insurance claim process is extraordinarily simple: 

  • You bring your car (or have it towed) to Tachoir Collision Center. 
  • Before service, you’ll supply us with your insurance information. 
  • We’ll call your insurance company for you to file the claim. 
  • We’ll negotiate the repair service with your insurance company, usually sending out an appraiser or asking us to send in a damage report. 
  • Depending on who’s at fault or accepted liability and your specific insurance policy, we’ll bill the responsible party, your insurance company, or you. 

Should we find other damage that needs repair that exceeds the initial estimate, we’ll let your insurance company know so they can send out an adjuster to re-inspect the vehicle. If needed, we’ll also file a supplemental claim for the additional cost of parts and/or labor. 

Some insurance companies may try to steer you to another repair shop with lower costs and standards. However, you should be aware that it’s illegal for an insurance company to say they won’t work with a specific repair shop. It is your right to choose the auto body repair shop of your choosing. 

As part of our advocating on your behalf, we can also negotiate rental car coverage with your insurer. We have an on-site rental car service should you still need to drive or commute while your vehicle is repaired. 

We believe that working with insurance companies should be easier for consumers. That’s why we’re happy to put in this extra work and serve as your advocate. 

Dent Repair Process 

Depending on the extent of the visible damage, we may be able to offer our paintless dent repair service. Generally, though, paintless dent repair works best when the dent is more the size of a ding, such as from a shopping cart or another car door. 

If the dent has caused the metal of your car to stretch upon impact or become deeper than just a minor ding, our traditional auto body dent repair service is needed. In these cases, our technicians will remove body panels, taillights, and interior panels, as needed, to examine the underside of the dent. We’ll use modern technology to uncover the dent’s shadow, which helps our technicians know where their tools need to be placed to restore the damaged area. 

For severely scraped dents, our technicians will pull out the damaged area until it is once again level with the original surface of your vehicle. Once the surface is smoothed out and the dent removed, we’ll also re-paint the affected area so it matches your car’s paint job and finish. 

With your car’s body now dent-free, you can again enjoy a cosmetically unblemished vehicle exterior. This helps sustain the value of your automobile, putting more cash in your pocket should you choose to sell or trade it in. A dent-free car also helps to stymie rust from accumulating in the damaged area. 

Collision Repair Certifications 

At Tachoir Collision Center, we value the hard work and training of our expert technicians. We’re proud to receive the following exclusive certifications: 

  • I-CAR Gold Class Certified in Jefferson Hills, PA. Awarded to only an estimated 20 percent of repair shops, the Gold Class standard means our mechanics and office staff have achieved, and continue to maintain, a high level of relevant training across each of the major collision repairs while demonstrating the skills and training needed to meet the constantly evolving repair needs of modern vehicles. 
  • ASE Blue Seal Certification. ASE certifications act as the standard measure of competency for quality vehicle body repairs. The additional Blue Seal certification is only given to auto body repair shops that meet a prominent level of training and credentials. 

Contact Us Today 

If you need auto dent removal service in the Pittsburgh area, there’s no better place to go than Tachoir Collision Center. Our customer-focused staff and expert technicians can handle do whatever they can to ensure our services are comprehensive, convenient, and affordable. We’re available for a free, no-obligation estimate by calling 412-233-3196 or sending us an email at  

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