Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance Approved Body Shop

Eric, the Owner at Tachoir Auto Body, is a licensed and certified damage appraiser that can help you with your insurance claim.  Let’s set up a time to talk about your insurance claim and look at your vehicle. 

Eric Capenos

At Tachoir Auto Body, our team understands that finding the time to take care of a damaged vehicle through a Liberty Mutual/Safeco Guaranteed Repair Network Shop can be a major upset to your daily routine. To make the process easier, we gladly repair vehicles made in Europe, Japan, Korea and the U.S., as well as other makes and models — and we are part of the Guaranteed Repair Network.

Damage Assessment

We start our service by assessing the damage to your vehicle and creating a quote for repairs. As far as insurance coverage goes, Pennsylvania is a no-fault state. In many cases, even if you do not have comprehensive insurance coverage, at least part of your repairs may be covered under your personal injury protection policy, or PIP. The state’s minimum coverage requirement for PIP is $5,000. Ultimately, no matter who caused the damage to the vehicle, your policy may cover at least part of the repairs under PIP.

Some insurance companies like Liberty Mutual may supply you with an estimate for repair costs based on your submitted claim. This may not always completely match what the auto repair shop gives you. Tachoir Auto Body is experienced in working with insurance companies, including Liberty Mutual. Our skilled team communicates directly with your provider to keep the repair process moving smoothly.

Liberty Mutual/Safeco Claims

Liberty Mutual offers convenient mobile means of filing a claim. If your policy is with this company, you can get started on a claim by downloading the app to your phone and going through the steps listed there. The app even allows you to take photos and submit them. Quick steps to the claims and repair process include the following:

  • Create and submit your claim on the Liberty Mutual app, online or by calling a claims adjuster.
  • Get a collision repair quote from Tachoir Auto Body.
  • Let us know if you want us to handle the repairs.
  • Our technicians fix up your vehicle and work with Liberty Mutual regarding the claim and coverage.
  • Receive your fixed-up vehicle and follow-up with your insurance as needed regarding your claim.

Part of being covered by Liberty Mutual/Safeco policies is having access to their Guaranteed Repair Network. Being part of this network means that Liberty Mutual places a 100% guarantee on the work done to your vehicle, you get priority services, your insurance has access for direct payment to the shop and you may track the progress of repairs online. Work is completed only by our certified technicians, and any defective work is covered under your insurer’s guarantee.

You are not necessarily required to use the Guaranteed Repair Network for your vehicle if you feel so inclined, but doing so provides you with the perks mentioned above as well as a certain seal of approval for the shop from your insurance carrier. Tachoir Auto Body’s certified technicians are proud to be part of the Guaranteed Repair Network for Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.

Full-Service Auto Body Repair

The team at Tachoir Auto Body works with you to get your claim submitted and your vehicle fixed up as quickly as possible. To find out how to get started on your auto repairs in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, call us at 412-233-3196.