Auto Body Repair Process

Steps to Prepare for Your Auto Repair

Collisions happen. Whether your automobile has a small dent or more major damage, navigating the collision repair process can be stressful.  Consider these steps as you prepare to navigate the process of repairing your vehicle.

Step 1: Breathe

This is the most important step; take deep breaths and remind yourself that you have overcome challenges before, and your car can be good-as-new soon. Also, trust that you are not alone, as you can count on your support system and trained professionals to help you return to normalcy as quickly as possible.

Step 2: Research

Consult with your auto insurance company and refer to your policy to better comprehend your coverage and any financial obligations.  Look here for a quick guide on what your repair may cost if you are thinking of potentially paying out of pocket.  If you are going through insurance we have another guide for you to navigate this process.  Although you complete this research, be mindful that contacting us for an in person estimate will provide the most accurate estimations.

Step 3: Arrange an Auto Body Repair Estimate

Call ahead to schedule your estimate. If it is safe to drive your damaged vehicle to the repair shop, do so. You can also arrange to have your vehicle towed to our location if it is unsafe to drive. Tows can be billed to insurance as part of your accident claim, so contact us if you have any questions or need us to set up the tow.  Always remember, Tachoir Auto Body provides an estimate without any fees or obligations!

Step 4: Practice Patience

After an initial estimate, if your car is drivable we schedule you in for repairs so that any parts can be ordered ahead of time and checked for damage prior to your arrival. Generally we schedule repairs 1-4 weeks after an initial estimate depending on how busy we are at the time and if there are any backordered parts.  We will also set up any transportation plans you may need during our initial estimate including our on site rental car service, free loaner vehicles, or a ride home if needed. 

Step 5: Drop off for Repairs

Drop off day has arrived and the parts are ready for your vehicle!  You will drop off at a scheduled time and your rental or loaner vehicle will be ready to go.  A few days into the repair you can expect a phone call to explain if we have found any additional hidden damage that might have been underneath parts that had to be disassembled for us to see and assess.  If your expected completion date changes, we will keep you and the rental car agency informed so the process is stress free.

Step 6: Provide Feedback and Referrals

Your car is fixed! If you had a positive experience be sure to write constructive, happy reviews on your favorite feedback methods. You can also let your friends and family know about your experience. Your car’s exterior looks perfect again! Now is the time to rejoice and refer.  You have encountered a tough situation with a major or minor collision damaging your vehicle, but you can persevere with confidence. By following these steps, you are likely to have a smooth experience throughout the planning and repairs processes. Trust your support system, your team of professionals who are rooting for you and providing a hassle-free auto body repair estimate and efficient service.