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Ignoring chips or cracks in your car windshield can take a minor inconvenience and make it a more expensive repair or even a safety issue. Whether a stone chip developed from a rock being thrown up on the road or something else impacted your windshield, having it examined by our expert glass repair technicians right away could save you hundreds of dollars later.

Tachoir Auto Body technicians are experts in repairing laminated windshield auto glass, as well as replacing tempered and laminated glass pieces found elsewhere on your vehicle.

Our Glass Replacement Services

Tachoir Auto Body glass replacement work is guaranteed for your safety and protection. Call us today at 412-233-3196 and inquire about insurance claim processing for glass repair and replacement

All auto glass that is used for windshields these days is laminated. Meaning that two layers of tempered glass are sandwiching a layer of plastic to prevent bodily harm from flying glass in the event of a major collision.

Other pieces of auto glass including most side glass, door glass and rear windows are tempered so that if they should break, many smaller almost square shaped pieces will form instead of sharp shards that could cut the passengers if hit with flying glass.

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Insurance Claims Processing

If you’re a USAA, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, or Hartford customer, the Tachoir glass repair and replacement team can help. If you have a different carrier, just let us know and we will work with them too! We’re an ASE-certified and an I-Car certified company.

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