Cosmetic Auto Body Repair Services

When your car is scratched or has a dent which bends the paint, it’s essential that you look into getting these seemingly “only cosmetic” issues taken care of as soon as possible.

When the paint and protection is removed from the metal of the vehicle, this will always leads to rust. Water, salt, dirt and debris will reach the metal faster than you expect. When rust sets in it’s often more costly if you don’t repair deep scratches.

Our Cosmetic Repair Services

Tachoir Auto Body cosmetic repair work helps to keep your car in pristine condition. Remember that your vehicle is not only your primary mode of travel, but is also an investment. Call us today at 412-233-3196 and inquire about insurance claim processing for any cosmetic repair of your vehicle.

Free Cosmetic Repair Quote

When it comes to vehicle cosmetic repairs, and to the untrained eye, many of these little mishaps look time-consuming and labor intensive to fix. That’s why too many people choose to live with them instead of getting them repaired.

But modern autobody techniques have improved and made it easier to render them more invisible than ever before. So, if you’re tired of noticing an ugly blemish on your vehicle, call or stop in to Tachoir Auto Body and lets get you back on the road quickly looking like new again!

Insurance Claims Processing

If you’re a USAA, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, or Hartford customer, the Tachoir Auto Body cosmetic repair professionals can help. If you have a different carrier, just let us know and we will work with them too! We’re an ASE-certified and an I-Car certified company.

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