Allstate Insurance-Approved Body Shop

Eric, the Owner at Tachoir Auto Body, is a licensed and certified damage appraiser that can help you with your insurance claim.  Let’s set up a time to talk about your insurance claim and look at your vehicle. 

Eric Capenos

Little puts a wrench in your plans more than an auto accident on your way to work, home or to a fun event. At Tachoir Auto Body, we pride ourselves on helping our customers get quick access to the collision repair they need so they can get back on the road and to their normal daily routines. We work with a variety of insurance carriers, including Allstate, to make the quote and claims process as straightforward as possible. We know how important it is for you to comfortably access “in-network” repair shops following an accident, and that is where our team shines.

Facing Unexpected Auto Damage

Motor vehicle accidents can happen anywhere, and facing unexpected repairs can be financially frustrating. Pennsylvania requires drivers to have a minimum auto insurance policy that should include personal injury protection, also known as PIP coverage. The minimum amount of PIP to carry in PA is $5,000. Since PA is also a no-fault state, the PIP part of your insurance policy may help to ensure at least part of your repair is covered no matter who was at fault for the accident.

After going through the initial steps following an accident, including tending to any medical issues and exchanging insurance and information with any other drivers, you may need to get a quote from an auto body shop regarding the repairs. In most cases, you just need a single estimate, but you may collect as many as you see fit. You should also be able to choose whichever shop you want to handle the repairs, and your insurance should still work with that shop. With carriers like Allstate, you also have the option to access their own repair network.

Making Claims With Allstate

Allstate has made it easy to start a claim by making a phone call, accessing their phone app or using their website. Initiating a claim is easy, and if you use the app, you may even be able to submit your own photos of the damage to your vehicle right away. It is possible that a claims adjust may make an estimate about the cost of repairs either by viewing those pictures or assessing your car in person. As part of the Allstate Good Hands Repair Network, Tachoir Auto Body can also assess the damage to your car and provide an estimate, as well as work directly with your insurer to process the repair cost on your claim.

Allstates provides access to the Good Hands Repair Network Tool, which allows you to search for trusted repair shops within their network. As a part of that network, our certified technicians provide quality and guaranteed repairs. That means if there is any problem with the work outside of normal wear and tear, we will take care of it.

Hiring Full-Service Repair Near Pittsburgh

Our professional, certified technicians are here to help get your vehicle up and running again and make working with your insurance company as simple as possible. For more information about our repair services and more, call Tachoir Auto Body today at 412-233-3196.