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Welcome to Tachoir Auto Body's Online Estimate Page. If your insurance company is listed under our direct repair affiliations you may not need to have an estimate prior to scheduling your repair!  Please contact us for more information.  If you find that you will need an estimate prior to scheduling your repair please review both unique options available below and chose which option is best for you.

Schedule Estimate

The most accurate way to obtain an estimate is to bring your vehicle to our location and have one of our licensed appraisers perform a thorough onsite estimate.  Click below to fill out a short form requesting an appointment date and time to have an onsite estimate performed.


Online Estimate

Our Online Estimate is a process that allows us to provide you with an estimate without the need for you to ever leave your home!  You will need to complete a thorough process that includes information such as your VIN #, Make, Model, Year, Insurance Company, Personal Information, Digital Pictures of the Damage, etc.  We will usually need to contact you at least once throughout this process in order to obtain all information necessary.